Contributing to parsyΒΆ

Contributions to parsy, whether code or docs, are very welcome. Please contribute by making a fork, and submitting a PR on GitHub.

We have a high standard in terms of quality. All contributions will need to be fully covered by unit tests and documentation. Code should be formatted according to pep8, and the formatting defined by the ../.editorconfig file (see EditorConfig).

To run the test suite:

pip install pytest

To run the test suite on all supported Python versions, and code quality checks, first install the various Python versions, then:

pip install tox

To build the docs, do:

pip install sphinx
cd docs
make html

We also require that flake8, isort and checkmanifest report zero errors (these are run by tox).

When writing documentation, please keep in mind Daniele Procida’s great article on documentation. To summarise, there are 4 types of docs:

  • Tutorials (focus: learning, analogy: teaching a child to cook)
  • How-to guides (focus: goals, analogy: a recipe in a cook book)
  • Discussions (focus: understanding, analogy: an article on culinary history)
  • Reference (focus: information, analogy: encyclopedia article)

We do not (yet) have documentation that fits into the “Discussions” category, but we do have the others, and when adding new features, documentation of the right sort(s) should be added. With parsy, where code is often very succinct, this often takes several times longer than righting the code.